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How to prevent your shopping cart from emptying

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If you have experienced problems where your shopping cart keeps emptying and logging you out of your account, try using a different browser i.e. Chrome, Internet Explorer, Firefox etc. For optimal performance and speed use our site with Google Chrome - click here to use download Google Chrome.  

Alternatively please follow the instructions below which should resolve the problem. If the problem persists please feel free to call us, we can either assist you or take the order over the phone.  For our shopping cart to remember what items you have added to your basket our website uses "cookies". Cookies are small files or pieces of information which are stored by your web browser. So when you revisit a site or page, the page served is particular to you i.e. items recently viewed, items in basket etc.
• To test if cookies are enabled on your browser click test cookies
• To enable cookies for Internet Explorer click enable Internet Explorer cookies
• To enable cookies for Firefox click enable Firefox cookies  
• To enable cookies for Google Chrome click enable Google Chrome cookies  

Another reason why your cookies are being blocked may be due to a firewall, adware or spyware program. To prevent these programs from blocking your cookies, try to shut down the program while using our site, or changing your settings to allow cookies (For all sites or just for  If you are a business and have a dedicated IT dept, please contact your IT dept to request that is added to your allowed cookies list.

Please email us by clicking below should you require further assistance:

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