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Data Protection and GDPR Policy
Data Protection and GDPR Policy

GDPR Policy and Data Protection

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GDPR - General Data Protection Regulation has been in effect from 25th May 2018.This is the first major revision of data protection rights since 1995.This legislation aims to create transparency and accountability for all businesses who process personal data.This legislation also strengthens the right of individuals in terms of data protection.

HuntOffice has always been committed to protecting your private data. We never sell data to third parties, we use data to inform users about delivery information and general communication.

On an ongoing process HuntOffice carries out internal audits on all our data processors to ensure that your data is secure and protected.As part of the GDPR regulations we are continually reviewing our data collection process to ensure we are only collecting necessary information that helps us assist and engage with customers.

The purpose of this notice is to give details of how we collect and process your personal information

Our Details headquarters are based at Unit 5 Desmond Business Park, Station Road, Newcastle West. Co. Limerick.Any queries in relation to this notice or your data protection rights can be addressed to the GDPR Compliance Officer.

How We Collect Data

We collect data about you when you register online and or place orders for products or services at may also collect data about you if you are making an inquiry so we can continue to communicate with you.

What Data Do We Collect?

HuntOffice only collects information that is absolutely necessary to communicate delivery information with our customers and to re-engage with users at a later stage.Personal data shall be accurate and kept up to date.As part of the registration process we will collect, name, company name (where applicable), billing & delivery address, email address, telephone number, order history, payment history and previous correspondence.We do not store credit card details; your card details are stored directly with our merchant bank through encryption in accordance with PCI standards.For more information view here.

We also store website activities through cookies.

Why We Use Cookies?

Cookies are small encrypted files that are stored on your device. uses cookies to enable you to shop, enhance your shopping experience and to enable us to analyse traffic behaviour with a view to using this information to improve user experience.

Different Types Of Cookie Information We Collect

Essential cookies - These cookies are essential when using our site to shop.These cookies enable the site to remember what items you’ve added to your cart. Performance cookies – HuntOffice uses session cookies to enable us to analyse user behaviour on the site.We use this information to measure and analyse trends so we can make improvements to the site to give our users a better user experience. Targeting cookies – these cookies allow us to deliver personalised adverts to users based shopping behaviour.For example we use targeting cookies to delivery personalised Google ads.

The Purposes for Which We Use Your Data:

Process your orderManage your accountProcess paymentsMerchandise products on the site based on customersinterestsTo market products to you at a later stage based onyour interestsAnalyse trendsImprove site’s user experienceMonitor and improve site security 


Your Personal Data will be held on secure servers, we take all reasonable steps to protect your Personal Data. We have various physical and security measures in place to prevent unauthorised access to your data such as ip restriction, access restriction and password control for all our staff.

Please contact us if you require further information.

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