Huntoffice Interiors Frameless Glass Partitions supply a wide variety of fully glazed office partitioning systems that best match your projects functional, design & aesthetic requirements.

"All Glass" partitioning walls are a a highly effective space dividing solution for creating contemporary office spaces and providing acoustic privacy whilst allowing desirable transparency and light flow through office space. These non-framed glazed office partitioning systems yield maximum light transmission while delivering minimalist design to complement any contemporary office interior. Clear view glass walls, constructed without vertical mullion posts between glass panel modules, reduce visual barrier and provide the seamless aesthetics enhancing any office space. These clean, uninterrupted spans of "floating"seamless glass partitions enhance the beauty of pure glass feature the same rigidity and acoustic properties as framed partitions walls without interrupting sightlines.

Clear glass walls are available with a variety of glass options:

Toughened Glass Partitions

Laminated Glass Partitions

Toughened & Laminated Glass Partitions

Fire Rated Glass Partitions

Acoustic Glass Partitions

Electric Privacy Glass Partitions

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