Completing our range of breakout seating is our most advanced and flexible modular seating line. As breakout areas can be fairly versatile and differ for most companies, modular seating solutions are perfect for any type of breakout room. Whether for individuals catching some peace and quit or a group of people socialising, there is a wide range of seating to suit all needs.

Our modular seating systems consist of smaller standard shaped pieces that can be placed individually or virtually in any combination required. Create a cluster of seats or a neat semi-circular arrangement.

PLAZA Modular Soft Seating

SNAKE Modular Soft Seating Range

SQUARE & VOLT Modular Seating

UPDOWN Modular Soft Seating Range

OLIVER Modular Seating Range

LINER Modular Soft Seating Range

BOX-IT Modular Soft Seating

BRADLEY Modular Soft Seating

BRUCE Modular Seating Range

EDAM Modular Soft Seating Range

ARCHIE Modular Seating

18 Years Experience

Hunt Office Interiors is one of Ireland’s leading office fit-out companies with over 18 years of experience in the office fit-out industry. We work with companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries ranging from SME’s to large multi-national organisations, providing modern workspaces for our clients with the most up to date products available.Our offices are located in Dublin and Limerick. Our showroom facilities are hosted at our Citywest location in Dublin.

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