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Clock in machines help to keep track of staff working hours by monitoring the exact time in which they enter and leave the building and then records this information in a database. Clock in machines are essential to any size of business to keep a correct account of each staff members attendance which can help with payroll as well as management records. Here in this section of Huntoffice you will find electronic time clock in systems and accessories to suit any size of business. These electronic clock in machines come from well-known brands Olivetti and Safescan.

How can a Clock in Machine benefit your business?

  • Without a clock in machine employees may have to fill out time sheets which can not only be time consuming but can also be inaccurate. By having a clock in machine you are getting an accurate account of each employee’s attendance which in turn will save your company a lot of time and money in the long run, reduce paperwork and increase productivity.

  • Having a clock in machine will have a direct advantage on payroll, the information gathered by employees clocking in and out is precise which means you will have the correct number of hours worked for each staff member, ensuring the correct wages are paid. Some electronic clock in machines have attendance software included allowing for easier evaluation of employee working hours.

Types of Clock in Machines:

  • Clocking in machines – These are the more traditional affordable machines and simple to use. Each employee gets a clock card, which they insert into the clock in machine and is then stamped with the date and time. These clock in machines usually allow for up to about 40 employees.


  • ID Reader Machines – These types of machines operate by holding a card or key fob in front of the reader on the machine which it then scans, data is then fed through the system and recorded on software. These types of clock in machines are more secure, it allows you to see which employee has clocked in and at exactly what time. The software that’s included also has many different functions to allow recording of employee sick leave, incidents etc. ID reader machines are ideally suited to large companies with around 1800 employees depending on the clock in machine.


  • Fingerprint Clocking in Machine – Employees can often forget or lose clock in cards. With fingerprint clocking in machines, employees simply clock in by placing a finger on the scanner which the machine recognizes and records instantly. These are the most secure clock in machines available as there is no possible way for employees to clock in for one another. Fingerprint clocking in machines are ideal for large businesses like manufacturing companies for example, which usually can cater for over 2000 employees depending on the model of the machine. 


  • Face Recognition - Register employee time and attendance with our advanced RFID reader or Dual camera 3D face recognition. These high-technology identification features ensure secure, accurate and immediate user verification.

You can view our range of Safescan Time Moto clock in machines HERE

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