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Security safes are usually made of steel as it is the most robust material which provides the best security. A lot of steel safes are also resistant to fire and can be waterproof which becomes highly significant in cases of fire or flooding. Security safes come in a great choice of sizes – from small home safes for keeping jewellery to large office safes capable of holding numerous files and documents. Small safes are most commonly mounted in walls or floors as it provides them from being removed from the premises. Larger safes that are used in offices are often mounted to the floor. Most security safes come fitted with electronic locks supported by override keys which can be used in case of emergency to quickly open the safe and remove its contents.

One thing which is worth looking at when deciding to buy any type of safe is fire resistance – depending on the model, safes can provide fire resistance from 30 minutes up to several hours. It might be especially important if you are getting a safe in order to store important documents, files or digital memory carriers. You should know that not all security safes are fire resistant and you need to check if the safe you choose to purchase is actually fire resistant.

Deciding on where you’re going to keep the security safe is extremely important. It is vital that the security safe is kept out of sight at all times. Many people install a wall safe and use a painting or picture to cover it up but burglars are now well aware of this and often this is the first thing they will check. If you decide on installing a wall safe placing something heavier in front of it such as a bookcase for example would be a better choice. First of all it’s more difficult to move and thieves don’t have that time. Second of all, moving something heavy like a bookcase would mean a lot more noise, which would draw attention to them. Installing an under floor safe is also an excellent choice for concealment, they are more difficult to remove, plus a vast amount of furniture can be placed over the area for extra security. 

Data Fire Safes

Looking for a data or media safe? Here at Huntoffice you will find a wide range in various sizes to choose from. Data Safes are specifically designed to protect magnetic data and media storage devices from fire and water damage. Data media storage devices such as CDs, DVDs, zip drives and external hard drives are much more sensitive to heat and humidity than paper. While paper normally begins to char at 177°C, data products like data tapes, cd's, dvd's etc normally become corrupt at temperatures exceeding 52°C

Data devices can hold huge volumes of data and years of work so losing this data in a fire or flood could prove to be a serious threat to the future of any business. By choosing a data safe you are taking the vital steps towards protecting your irreplaceable information and the future of your business. Data safes are not only ideal for the small business but for the home office also. Some of the features of the data safes available here on Huntoffice include: 

• Fire protection – All of the data safes in this section offer fire protection ranging from 30 minutes to 3 hours. These data safes are especially designed for protecting media storage devices so they are insulated more heavily than the safes designed to specifically protect paper. This means that your documents as well as media items will also be protected in these data safes.

• Water protection – Water resistant data safes can be completely submerged under water protecting the contents inside.

•Electronic & key lock – Protect your items from theft and prevent your media storage devices from getting into the wrong hands with a choice of either electronic or key locking option safes. For extra security against theft many of the safes available can also be secured and some of which come supplied with a fixing kit for bolting the safe to the floor. Some have a very thick secure double walled construction with locking bolts to make it even more difficult for thieves to get to the contents of the safe.
•Not only do the data safes in this section protect documents and media against fire and water but they also provide protection against dust, gases, moisture, magnetic and electrostatic fields meaning the safes can be stored and hidden almost anywhere without the threat of damaging the contents inside.

Our extensive range of safes include the following:

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