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In today’s contemporary office, employers strive to create a collaborative environment. Bench Desks are a fantastic way of promoting valuable discussion among your employees, while still maintaining personal space. It is also a great way of creating extra floor-space and introducing a better flow to the office. A Modular desk systems is perfect if you want to put different departments into clusters and facilitate collaboration and teamwork.

One of the main complaints about open offices is that there is very little sense of privacy. Our range of bench desks provides a solution to this issue! You can provide more privacy by adding customisable modular desk components, like desk screens and modesty panels. These are perfect for creating a sense of personal space. Desk screens are also easily removable which makes them adaptable to both private work and collaborative sessions.

Bench desking can completely transform an office environment from secluded and hostile to a dynamic and lively atmosphere. In today’s busy environment, more and more companies are selecting bench desks as an answer to the various drawbacks of individual workstations. Bench Desks are ideal for open-plan spaces, they are a cost-effective solution that enhances communication and the sociability of workers. Many modern companies have adapted this approach of seating arrangement to boost idea generation and productivity within shared workspaces. Our collection of high-quality bench desk are as stylish as they are functional.

We offer a broad selection of ergonomically built bench desks in a variety of colours, sizes and shapes to suit all your requirements. Available are single or double sided configurations that can be easily extended into longer worktops at any time. Because bench desks tend to share components such as base, it allows more leg-room as well as extra space for storage units to be placed under the desk-tops. The clean lines and contemporary look of our Bench Systems is complimented by the ability to offer a free flowing flexible work space, allowing multiple users to work individually or as a part of a team. 

Bench Desks offer the perfect balance between a maximised work surface with minimal floor space usage. The different work surfaces are adaptable to different needs. Whether its using a laptop for hot desking or a desktop for a permanent workstation. In addition, their durable surfaces are impact resistant and easy to clean, which makes them perfect for the hustle and bustle of busy office environments.

Whether you want a simple 2-person bench system or a modern modular desk with included storage, we have the right one for you.

We provide a fantastic range of desk dividers that perfectly complement our bench desking systems. Acoustic divides allow a small level of privacy without complete isolation.
You can see our range of desk screens HERE 

Accessories to minimise desktop clutter are also available HERE

You can customise your desks further by adding cable management systems, CPU holders and monitor arms. This way you can achieve an organised workstation and a neat office design.

At Huntoffice we have a wide range of bench desks to suit any office environment style and design.  Our experienced interiors team will assist you with expert advice and a hands on approach. Whatever your needs might be, we would be happy to provide a solution to suit you. You can see some of our Bench Desking options below:

Switch is a highly flexible desking range with the ability to make complex single structure configurations of any length. Five sub systems comprising of various shapes interact together to give you the most versatile desking system.

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