You can view full set-up details for the Safescan Time Moto clock in systems HERE or follow the links below.

Set up for TimeMoto  Clock Systems

The articles and video below help you with support of your TimeMoto Clock Systems (TM-600 & TM-800 series).

Installing your TimeMoto device (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

Setting up your TimeMoto Time Clock System

Register your TA terminal and activate the software

Changing your settings for Daylight Saving Time (DLST) (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems) - see video below

Deleting data from your time clock system

Resetting your time clock system

Updating the TM-616 & TM-626 Firmware

Updating the TM-818, TM-828 & TM-838 Firmware

What happens with the fingerprints stored on the device? (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

How to add a new device - see video below:


When pressing the [Menu]-button, the screen shows “Identify”. What do I have to do?Cannot Connect to Wi-Fi (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

The device is slow in recognizing fingerprints / does not recognize fingerprints (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

"Authentication failure" displayed on device (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

Device does not connect to the Cloud (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

Issues during the first-time use setup / registration procedure (TimeMoto Time Clock Systems)

I use TimeMoto Cloud in a language other than English, but I still see English words. - see video below:

License Management


Getting Started:Installing / updating TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software

How to set-up your terminal for TimeMoto PC Software using a Wi-Fi connection

How to set-up your terminal for TimeMoto PC Software using a LAN connection

Activating the TimeMoto PC / PC Plus Software
"Period" report in the TimeMoto PC Software
Change the language (TimeMoto PC Software)
The "Presence" screen (TimeMoto PC Software)

The Basics
Updating the TimeMoto PC Software
How do I change my login credentials for the PC Software?
How can I replace a lost RFID-tag with a new one without losing any linked clocking data of this user? (TimeMoto PC Software)
Switching from TA / TA+ Software to TimeMoto PC / PC Plus
Using the TimeMoto PC Software with a USB Stick
Closing the year (TimeMoto PC Software)
Managing bank holidays (TimeMoto PC Plus Software)
I do no longer see the grid view (TimeMoto PC Plus Software)
The software does not accept my license information (TimeMoto PC Software)

Advanced User Scenarios
Moving the PC Software to a new computer
Planning a vacation day (TimeMoto PC Plus)
Classification Report (TimeMoto PC Software)
Managing overtime (TimeMoto PC Plus)
Pay classes (TimeMoto PC Software)
Opening PC Software by command line or Batch file
Absence with flexible work schedule (TimeMoto PC Software)

PC Software Troubleshooting

Changing a work schedule during the year (TimeMoto PC Software)I do no longer see the grid view (TimeMoto PC Plus Software)In the Report, the clocking data is shown on the wrong date (TimeMoto PC Software)
The software does not accept my license information (TimeMoto PC Software)


See below for support of your TimeMoto Cloud.



Getting started:
During the initial set-up of your TimeMoto Cloud, you will have to configure your account.
You will receive an e-mail with an activation link. Click on the link to open the page which will begin the configuration process below.
Activation process for the TimeMoto Cloud

Manual Activation:
During the installation of a TimeMoto Terminal, the device will be added to your TimeMoto Cloud account. This can only be done after the initial registration of the terminal and activation of the TimeMoto Cloud service.
Add a device to TimeMoto Cloud manually

The Basics

Scheduling absence (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)
Granting users access to TimeMoto Cloud and / or the TimeMoto mobile app
How can I connect my TA-8000 series device to the TimeMoto Cloud?
User privileges (TimeMoto Cloud)
User locations and device locations (TimeMoto Cloud)
Planning options (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)
Work schedules (TimeMoto Cloud) - see videos below for Classic, flexible & linking a user to a work schedule:

Report types (TimeMoto Cloud)
Managing Bank Holidays (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)
Add location (TimeMoto Cloud)


Importing users from TA / TimeMoto PC software into TimeMoto Cloud
Validation types (TimeMoto Cloud)
Recurrence Rule in Planning (TimeMoto Cloud Plus)
Pay classes (TimeMoto Cloud)
Grant access to the Timer function in TimeMoto Cloud

Cloud Troubleshooting

Overtime Management (TimeMoto Cloud)

All Safescan Timemoto manuals can be downloaded HERE

TimeMoto and GDPR

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