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Snickers Workwear Trouser Range
Snickers Workwear Trouser Range

Snickers Workwear Trouser Range

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Hardwearing trousers for work in rough environments or the ultimate in climate control? Whatever you demand, whatever type of work you are doing, we are confident we have workwear trousers that perfectly fit your needs. Compare the different models and consider which features that are the most important for your workday. 


1. Choose your workwear based on your workday

What is your workday like? Each of our four workwear families RuffWork, FlexiWork, AllroundWork and LiteWork is dedicated to different working conditions and climates. Pick the family that fits you the best.

2. Size really does matter

Size matters, more than you think. be picky about the fit. It is not only a question of comfort, but also of safety and ergonomics. Snickers Workwear stocks 41 different sizes of trousers, and another 30 sizes can be ordered on demand. 

3. Choose workwear with functions that suits your needs

What do you carry? Choose a model with the functions you need, and choose if you want holster pockets.

4.Important to choose clothes according to regulations

Rules & regulations? What are the demands of your workplace? Do you need High Visibility garments or perhaps an ID-card holder?

5. Last but not least - Style

Don’t forget style. Getting recognized as a professional is important. First impressions last. Choose your favourite colour and design and don’t forget to look at our other garments to match.

PS. Pick up a new pair of kneepads every time you buy a new pair of trousers. If you often work on your knees, make sure to inspect the kneepads regularly to keep your knees protected.


Carefully follow our measuring tips below to make sure you get the right size. Snickers Workwearkeeps all standard sizes in stock for speedy deliveries (see specific garment for the standardsize range). We also offer special sizes – delivery may take a little longer, but it’s well worth it.Outside sizes are available to order with 50% extra surcharge. You can also access the sizing HERE



You can also view the Guidlines in PDF HERE

Trousers with a slimmer fit and a stretch fabric to allow for movement without excess rolls of fabric. Finding the right workwear for women can be a tough task in a man’s world. If you’re a woman working as a manual labourer you may often be forced to wear oversized clothing that leaves you feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. That’s why t Snickers are proud to provide you with Snickers’ workwear for women.

You can view the size chart for Women's trousers HERE

Trousers with a slimmer fit and a stretch fabric to allow for movement without excess rolls of fabric. Finding the right workwear for women can be a tough task in a man’s world. If you’re a woman working as a manual labourer you may often be forced to wear oversized clothing that leaves you feeling unsafe or uncomfortable. That’s why t Snickers are proud to provide you with Snickers’ workwear for women.

We offer a great selection of Snickers’ women’s work trousers. Our selection ranges from standard women’s work trousers, which are dirt-repellent and durable, to women’s work trousers with knee pads and holster pockets for heavier manual labour. We can also provide women’s work trousers for specific applications such as Snickers’ excellent women’s painters trousers. 

Ready for everything. No matter what workday you face our AllroundWork range is never a bad choice. Combining great fit, hardwearing comfort with advanced functionality you are always dressed for the occasion.

Modern workwear combining amazing fit and hardwearing comfort with advanced functionality. The ultimate choice for everyday work in all kinds of everyday environments.

Our AllroundWork trousers is always a good choice. Great comfortable fit, Cordura® reinforcements, Kneeguard PRO Reliable and advanced functionality. Available with (+) or without holster pockets.

Heavy-duty work trousers for hardwearing comfort

Working hard in demanding environments? Take a closer lookat our new RuffWork trousers, featuring tough design for rough work. It’s a family of heavy-duty work trousers based on an all-new contemporary design with amazing fit, providing superior comfort and freedom of movement.

Count on hardwearing fabrics and reinforced functionality for longlasting protection and working comfort. The trousers are available in different feature levels, allowing you to choose the right level of functionality to suit your needs. In addition, they are available in RuffWork Denim, for a contemporary look without compromising on functionality.

When hardwearing strength is needed choose our RuffWork trousers. Same great functionality and fit as AllroundWork, but with extra Cordura® 1000 reinforcements for real toughness. Available with (+) or without holster pockets.

Great fit, ultimate strength and with a true denim look. Smart pockets, Cordura® 1000 reinforcements and KneeGuard Pro to keep your knees protected in rough working conditions. With (+) or without holster pockets.

Stay cool and focused

Cool, dry and ventilated. Get ready for a hotter season. Our LiteWork range of workwear gives you the best in ventilation and moisture transport through the use of revolutionary 37.5® technology. Try it and experience a new kind of cool when the heat is on.

LiteWork is a light, quick-drying workwear for cool working comfort. Featuring advanced design and top of the range products with revolutionary 37.5® technology, ensuring outstanding ventilation in warmer climates and during intense work.

In warm conditions our LiteWork trousers is a great choice. Quick drying and ventilated with revolutionary 37.5® technology. Full functionality and available with (+) or without holster pockets.

Taking working comfort and flexibility to the extreme. Super-light work trousers in high-tech body-mapped design, combining ventilating stretch fabric with Cordura® reinforcements and holster pockets for outstanding freedom of movement and functionality.

When fast moving flexibility is your first priority choose FlexiWork. Stretch fabric and body-mapped design for swift mobility, clever functionality with unique features such as integrated belt.

Save your knees. Count on reliable protection and functionality every working day in these advanced floorlayer trousers. Features an innovative cut for a perfect fit and coated Kevlar® reinforcements on the knees for extra durability.

Same great functionality you expect from the 3-series, but with special features for craftsmen working long time on their knees.


When done right, company profiling pays off. It is a stamp of quality that says a lot about you and your company. It helps your company stand out, making it more distinct and recognised for the right reasons.

With Snickers Workwear you know that you are turning to the experts – offering a complete range of value adding services and product options. The right colours, customised embroidery and personalised packaging, just to name a few.

You know you have what it takes to do a professional job. But being able to really perform at your best is not only about skills. It’s also about being equipped for the mission. The weather, the task and always having immediate access to your tools are all important factors that pose high demands on your workwear and gear. And it’s our responsibility to ensure they never let you down.

That’s why at Snicker's we always challenge ourselves to develop and offer you the most advanced workwear available. With uncompromised safety, protection and functionality. With superior working comfort every step of the way, all year round.

On the bottom line, what you get is cutting-edge workwear that can make a difference that really matters to you. And our promise that we will continue to fight every day to fulfil our mission: to help you perform as the hard-working professional you are, and complete your mission.

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