Armchairs are an ultimate soft seating choice and look great on their own or paired with any type of other soft seating. Popular in demand, armchairs provide superior comfort and can instantly transform or update any breakout area. At Hunt Office Interiors, our line of armchairs comes in variety of styles and models guarantying a solution for any requirements.

Classic style of armchairs is perfectly suited for companies that value status and their portrayed image. Traditional seating combines timeless design and an elegant feel to create a sophisticated breakout room. We also provide a broad contemporary seating collection for modern office environments. What makes armchairs so versatile is the large range of colours and materials available.

Create a relaxing and comfortable breakout area for employees to unwind and enjoy a peaceful moment away from work and busy office environment. As individual seating, armchairs allow users to socialise or have a quiet break catering for any specific needs.

TYLER Armchairs

VANCOUVER BOX Sofas & Armchairs

TIME Chairs

SORRISO Armchairs

SONG Armchairs

VANCOUVER LITE Sofas & Armchairs

WAIT AND SEE Armchair Range

YOU Armchairs

VIZZ Armchairs

VERONA Sofas & Armchairs

VANCOUVER SQUARE Sofas & Armchairs

SIGMA Soft Seating Range

SIENA Sofas & Armchairs

HIGHLINE Sofas & Armchairs

HOVER Armchairs & Sofas

FAN Armchairs

EXEC Soft Seating Range

DANNY Armchairs

JENSEN Sofas & Armchairs

OCTOBER HIGH Armchairs & Sofas

ROMA Armchairs & Sofas

PLAZA Modular Soft Seating


OCTOBER Soft Seating Range

CLUB Soft Seating Range

20 Years Experience

Hunt Office Interiors is one of Ireland’s leading office fit-out companies with over 20 years of experience in the office fit-out industry. We work with companies of all sizes from a wide range of industries ranging from SME’s to large multi-national organisations, providing modern workspaces for our clients with the most up to date products available.

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