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Organise Your Workspace In January
Organise Your Workspace In January

All your Filing Needs at

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Is getting organized on your list of resolutions for the new year? Getting organized right now is easier than ever with our range of storage and filing products.

Filing Products category is one of the largest on site as it incorporates dozens on various products which help to keep all office or home documents in order and allow easy access to required papers. The broad range of filing and archive products lets you find items suitable for professional office environments as well as for domestic use. We are sure to have the filing product to suit your needs.

Some of the essential products included within this section are lever arch files which come in many colour variants and materials that they are made of. To make the use of lever arch files the most effective we recommend using subject dividers that organise documents within the file so that finding the needed document becomes very quick and straight forward. You can also use subject dividers with ring binders as most of them are multi-punched and fit any type of binder.

As some of documents are only used occasionally or they only have to be kept for a certain period because of legal matters we also offer a complete selection of document storage products. The most popular ones among offices are cardboard and plastic storage boxes which can be easily labelled and described for quick identification. For home office and home use we recommend box files and home files which are compact in size but provide secure storage for any type of documents.

We supply a large range of storage boxes and containers for all your needs. These include durable plastic storage boxes that are strong & secure. We have a range of  attached lid boxes for security and a vast selection of cardboard packing boxes for multiple use. For documents that need to be stored for future access, we have an extensive choice of Archive Boxes.

Need to store CD & DVD's? No problem, we have a range of CD & DVD storage boxes that will suit your needs.  Handling and storing small parts and components?  For serious organisation we have Tote pans & Linbins available that work with larger storage systems.

Where space is at a minimum, our stacking containers & trays, storage containers & storage bins are the way to go.  

Desk accessories are essential for anyone who wants to make the most of available desk space. It is also an easy way to really personalise your workstation and make your job easier and more efficient. Desk accessories are the equipment which you place on the surface of your desk so that you can gain more free space and also better access to the stationery items that are essential for your work or study.

Essential accessories for work and college

One of the things you can’t do without on your desk is a proper desk tidy. It is a very cheap way of getting rid of misplaced pens, paper clips, pencils and any other small office items. Larger desk tidies can hold larger pieces like staplers or paper punches. The variety of sizes and designs allows finding a desk tidy which will look well in any type of interior while providing great functionality.

Another desk must-have is a letter tray. Perhaps it is even more important for some users since in most of cases, loose paper notes, documents and folders are the cause of messy look and feel on any desk. Letter trays not only allow keeping the desk area clean but also let the user quickly find needed documents and save their time. 

Worth considering
One great desk accessory that isn’t as much popular as it could is a desk mat. Desk mat gives you an extra layer on top of your desk which is useful when writing on single sheets of paper or when using a computer mouse. Since a lot of mats have a transparent overlay, you can keep your notes visible all the time. Most of desk mats have a non-slip surface that keeps the mat in one place allowing hassle free work.

Desk accessories at

Our selection of desk accessories includes over 300 items which include desk tidies, desk sorters, letter trays, book racks, bookends, desk mats, magazine holders, desk blotters, copyholders and suspension file holders. We offer products from well-known brands such as Leitz, Rexel, Avery just to name a few.

Welcome to the Archive Boxes section of Archive boxes are extremely useful whether you’re moving house, moving office or simply need to file or archive some documents. Here on Huntoffice you will find a wide range of strong archive boxes in a selection of sizes to suit all of your storage and archiving needs. The archive boxes available here on Huntoffice are from top quality brands such as R-Kive, Smartbox, Fellowes, Intensive and 5 Star.

Archive boxes at work:

• Archive boxes are extremely useful to have around the office. Many businesses need to keep records for a certain length of time but obviously would not have room to keep all of these records in their office filing cabinet. This is where archive boxes come in. Old records that are not used on a regular basis but need to be kept in case they’re needed for future reference can be stored in archive boxes and accessed if needed.
• No need to worry if lack of storage space is an issue as many of the archive boxes available here on Huntoffice can be stacked on top of each other as they come with lids. This will of course depend on the load; heavier boxes should be stacked on the bottom. We also have archive storage drawers in stock which gives a tidier look to the archived documents and also makes them more accessible.
• The archive boxes in this section come flat packed which are very quickly and easily assembled. They all have handles for ease of carrying also. They come in a range of sizes; some are specifically designed to hold A4 lever arch files or foolscap files. For heavier items we have heavy duty boxes with an extra strong construction to ensure the safe transportation of heavy files.

Archive boxes at home:
• If you’re moving home archive boxes are an essential item to have. We have archive boxes which come in packs of 5 up to large packs of 20 meaning you will have plenty of room for all your precious household items. With a lid to protect the contents from rain and dust you can ensure all of your items will remain safe during the move. Don’t forget to label each box! This will make unpacking much quicker and easier.
• Even if you’re not moving home archive boxes are still very handy to have, you never know when you need to store items like books or photographs for example. If you do have old photographs you need to store safely we have a photo store box specifically designed for that purpose as it has individual slots and room to store over 500 prints, keeping your precious memories safe and dust free. Another advantage of having archive boxes at hand in the home is the fact that they’re flat packed so extremely easy to store until they’re needed.

Want to do your bit for the environment? Recycling bins make the task of organising your waste for recycling so much easier, be it at home or in the office. We have a variety of different sized recycling bins which should allow you to buy the size which best fits your requirements. If your premises has a lot of daily footfall, then different colour coded recycling bins will allow you to recycle more effectively. Alternatively, a single bin may be all that is required, and we strongly recommend the Acorn range of bins made from recycled cardboard.

Recycling is very important as waste has a huge negative impact on the natural environment. Harmful chemicals and greenhouse gasses are released from rubbish in landfill sites. Recycling helps to reduce the pollution caused by waste.

Why Recycle?

When we recycle, used materials are converted into new products, reducing the need to consume natural resources. If used materials are not recycled, new products are made by extracting fresh, raw material from the Earth, through mining and forestry. Recycling helps conserve important raw materials and protects natural habitats for the future. 

Recycling conserves resources, saves energy, helps protect the environment and reduces landfill. • Glass bottles become new glass bottles. • Aluminum cans are turned back into aluminum cans, and can be recycled almost indefinitely.  • Steel cans are used in other steel products such as car parts and construction materials, and can also be recycled over and over again.   • Plastic bottles are recycled into carpet, clothing, auto parts, and new bottles. • Paper is recycled into new paper. Some grades of paper can be recycled up to seven times.   

How to Recycle?

Recycling could be very easy, at home, in the office, school or any other place. Especially if there are recycling bins or eye frendly color coded bins, which are easy recognisable.

Here at you will find wide range of recycling bins and colour coded bins to suite your preference.

 What Can I Recycle?

 • Glass bottles and jars – recycle lids/caps separately

• Paper (newspapers, magazines, telephone books, office paper, junk mail, comics and light cardboard)

• Laminated or waxed papers like paper cups

• Drinks cartons (for milk, juice etc.)

• Aluminium (soft drink and beer cans, foil)

• Plastic bottles and cartons

• Food tins (fruit, vegetables, pet food)

• Plastic bottle tops, metal and aluminium lids

• Textiles (clean clothes, bed linen, towels, coats and jackets)

• White goods (washing machines, cookers, dryers, dishwashers, fridges)

• Batteries (also collected in shops and supermarkets)

 Types of Recycling Bins

The main types of recycling bins we supply are:

 • Paper Recycling Bin

• Tin/Aluminium Can Recycling Bin

• Plastic Bottle Recycling Bin

• Glass Recycling Bin

 We also provide many different types of recycling bins to suite your needs like:

 • Cartridge/Toner Recycling Bin

• Cup Recycling  Bin

• Food Recycling Bin

• General Waste Recycling Bin

• Colour Coded Recycling Bins

Colour Coded Recycling Bins

Colour coded bins are also used for recycling and waste segregations which can be used at home or office.                           

 Recycling Bins Labelling

Labeling you recycling bin is also important as different colour mould be used for different bins, For example colour Brown is used for bins that we can recycle organic and compostable waste but in some cases is also used to represent Brown Glass Only recycling bins.

All Recycling bins should be labeled to avoid confusions.

Check out our range of Recycling Signs and Posters.

Looking for a filing cabinets? As well as traditional filing cabinets. The filing cabinets category also has wooden varieties, steel cabinet varieties, multidrawer varieties as well as side filers and tall and small cabinets. There are filing cabinets with features like space-saving sliding doors. Many have adjustable feet for floors that are uneven. For filing cabinets in Ireland, Huntoffice works hard to give you a great assortment of cabinets at great prices, made from top quality materials with up to 15 years guarantee. We offer steel, wooden and fireproof cabinets which come in a variety of sizes and colours. We sell filing cabinets from the best manufacturers in the world such as Bisley, Pierre Henry and our own brands as well. You can also choose form a selection of accessories such as filing trolleys, suspension files and trays.

Filing Cabinets Buyers Guide 

Even with digital files, the function of a filing cabinet is still important, people still require hard copies of certain documents, including employee records, official business forms, registration details etc. As well as business users, filing cabinets are often used in homes, they are very convenient for storing bank details, insurance details etc.

Standard Size Filing Cabinets -Typically the most common filing cabinet used in the office is the 4 drawer filing cabinet. Standard office filing cabinets generally accommodate foolscap suspension files many people make the mistake by getting A4 suspension files however these files are too small. This type of filing cabinet would also be known as a vertical filing cabinet. Bisley would be a well-known manufacturer for the standard metal filing cabinet. All Bisley filing cabinets are lockable and come with 2 keys. They also have an anti-tilt feature to prevent the cabinet from tilting over.

A4 Home Filers - A4 filing cabinets are generally used in homes or where there is a space restriction. A4 filing cabinets accommodate A4 suspension files. Pierre Henry and Bisley would be a well-known brand of A4 filing cabinet.

Lateral Filing Cabinets - Lateral filing cabinets or side filing cabinets offer greater filing capacity. A lateral filing cabinet would have horizontal drawers and the suspension files would generally be hung side to side rather than front to back. One of the advantages of lateral filing cabinets is access to your files. As they are generally at workspace level you can view files while in a seated position, the drawers also do not need to extend as far so it’s easier to see your files.

Metal Filing Cabinets - Metal filing cabinets would be the most common type of filing cabinet purchased in Ireland. The most popular colours would be coffee and cream filing cabinets or grey filing cabinet. Bisley would be a well know manufacturer of steel filing cabinets. Bisley metal filing cabinets come in a variety of colours including grey, Blue, Silver, Brown & Cream, Black and White.

Wooden Filing Cabinets - If you already have a range of furniture in your office and you want to keep everything consistent, wooden filing cabinets are a great idea. Wooden Filing Cabinets come in a variety of materials including Beech, Maple, Oak, Cherry and Walnut. At HuntOffice we offer a range of wooden filing cabinets that are fully lockable, are of sturdy construction and come with an anti-tilt mechanism.

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