All employees and employers are faced with upcoming challenges in order to return to work safely. Huntoffice have a full range of products that can ensure protocols are followed and the spread of infection is kept at a minimum. We have outlined a number of key ranges below, that will help you negotiate your Return to Work Schedule.

Social Distancing Protocols

Workplace layouts should be reviewed and consideration given to one way systems on stairways and hallways. Huntoffice have a full range of Social Distancing Signage which will help maintain social Distancing protocols.

Review common work areas such as canteens, clock in areas and ensure you have tables or other barriers to block airborne particles and ensure minimum distances in the workplace.

Sharing equipment and supplies should be limited and physical barriers introduced to these areas.

Safety Barriers & Crowd Control

All business types need to think about physical distancing measures going forward. The way people move and how people interact is constantly changing, and the need to adapt is important. Encouraging good social distancing techniques, and educating staff and customers by utilising simple crowd control solutions is paramount.

We have a range of options that will enable you to maintain social distancing in your workplace, such as: Queue management systems and distance markings
Expandable Safety Barriers, Outdoor Crowd Control, Line Marking Supplies & Barrier Tapes.

Hand Hygiene & Sanitation

Undoubtably Hand Hygiene is at the top of the list regarding preventing the spread of infections. Hand Sanitiser & Hand Wash should be readily available at desks, canteens and washrooms and signage displayed encouraging compliance. You can see our full range of Washroom & Restroom Supplies HERE. We also have a selection of Sanitising Dispensers HERE

Cleaning protocols will need to be managed carefully- identification of contact points and consider removing unnecessary items especially in common areas- Reception, Canteen and Bathroom facilities. Routinely clean all frequently touched surfaces in the workplace, such as workstations, countertops, and door handles.

Disposable wipes can be used so that commonly used surfaces (for example, doorknobs, keyboards, remote controls, desks) can be wiped down by workers.

We have a full range of Cleaning Supplies and Surface Disinfectants to choose from.

Bins & Refuse Management

Waste volumes will increase because of higher use of personal protective equipment (PPEs) such as gloves, face masks and other materials including paper tissues. To manage waste volumes, an adequate volume of waste bins should be available in the workplace, if possible, at every individual desk or common area.
Provide tissues and waste bins lined with a plastic bags so that they can be emptied without contacting the contents.
Pedal-operated waste collection bins can be used, so that a 'no touch' with hands rule applies. In the absence of pedal-operated waste bins, bins with swinging lids can be opted as the alternative. Otherwise, open waste containers are better than those which require physical opening/covering by hands. Color-coded waste segregation bins are also available. Waste bin liners should also be considered for every bin present.

Empty bins regularly and provide advice on good respiratory practice.

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