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What is the Best Shredder for Home Use?
What is the Best Shredder for Home Use?

Helping You Choose the Best Shredder for Home

Written by Doireann Hunt
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What is the Best Shredder for Home Use?

Data security in the home can be greatly enhanced by the use of a personal paper shredder. Waste disposal bins and recycling bins are frequent targets for individuals attempting to commit identity theft and fraud. Shredding your documents before disposal is one of the best forms of protection against these crimes.

Most general personal and home use shredding needs can be carried out by P-3 and P-4 security level cross cut shredders. P-3 shredders have a maximum particle area of 320mm² and p-4 paper shredders have a maximum particle area of 160mm². Cross cut shredding also enhances security as two sets of blades cut in the opposite direction and create smaller paper particles than strip cut shredders.

If security is of great concern to you and you think P-3 / P-4 security isn’t enough, take a look at our paper shredder security guide and consider opting for a high security shredder.

Home Paper Shredding Tip

We recommend shredding documents that contain any valuable personal information. For example, documents that contain your name and address, phone number, bank details or any documents of communication with your bank, bills, receipts, employment documents, medical records, documents printed with your PPS Number, and any copies of your birth certificate or copies of ID Documents.

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