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Raised access flooring commonly known as false office flooring or suspended flooring has become increasingly popular in offices, government buildings, call centers, schools and colleges. The gain in popularity is mainly due to the fact that workplaces are now highly computerised business environments and need to be designed accordingly.

Advantages of Raised Access Flooring

• Raised access flooring allows for the distribution of electrical, telecom and IT equipment.
• Electrical, IT or telecom cabling can be easily accessed for maintenance or reconfiguration.
• Often used for access to air conditioning/HVAC systems.
• For commercial property owners, by having raised access flooring in your premises, you are allowing for greater flexibility for new and future occupiers of your property.
• Any water damage or leaks can be more easily identified and fixed with raised access flooring.
• Any maintenance or reconfiguration changes can be made without impacting on a functioning business.

Where can raised access flooring be used?

Raised access flooring can be used almost anywhere in a commercial premise.The most common areas are as follows:

• Offices
• Warehouses
• Toilets – access to drainage and pipes
• Canteens
• Computer Rooms
• Call Centers
• Schools & Colleges
• Retail Facilities – ideal for access to electrical cabling for floor lighting etc.
• Clean room environments 

Why choose raised access flooring from HuntOffice Interiors?

With over 18 years’ experience in office fit out design and installation, we realise the importance of every step in office refurbishment process such as choosing the most appropriate office floor type for your very own needs. When you choose HuntOffice as your supplier, you will receive not only a product but a comprehensive service of the highest quality. Our experienced team will help you at every stage to make sure you receive a product which suit your requirements in terms of design as well as functionality and that they are fitted and installed to the highest quality standards.

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