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With the increasing trend for open plan office layouts, peace and quiet has become a scarce commodity. As the need for undisturbed spaces is greater than ever, suitable interior acoustics will significantly improve productivity, well-being and health of employees. Acoustic panels are used to reduce noise and control sound in many different spaces and are used in a variety of applications ranging from commercial to industrial facilities. Our contemporary collection of acoustic panels that can be used in homes as well as offices, hotels, restaurants, hospitals, schools, breakout and public spaces. We will help you to create a sustainable sound environment for a more efficent working and better relaxing area. Acoustic panels will give aesthetic value to your home or office and are extremely useful in controlling noise and absorbing sound. The wide choice of colours and styles will allow for endless design options.


Meet Fluffo and discover the potential of your walls! Choose your wall panels from our extensive offer full of fantastic shapes and colours. Create your own wall arrangement and give your interior a warmer, more intimate character.

What is Fluffo made of?

Fluffo layer (1mm)
The colourful Fluffo finish. Millions of tiny polyamide fibers (1mm in length) glued vertically to the surface. Remember! Fluffo finish is antistatic and light-fast.

Foam layer (2 to 5 cm)
Flexible, high density polyurethane foam exceptionally resistant to ageing.




The installation of the Fluffo panels is simple, quick and clean. You can do it yourself with no problem. We always enclose the installation instructions to each shipment.

The panels should be affixed to the wall using a flexible mounting adhesive with high initial bonding. Since Fluffo panels are extremely light, they will not fall off the wall during the installation. A thin layer of the adhesive should be applied to the outline of the panel, then press the panel firmly into place. After application of the adjacent panels, you can adjust their position. You are done!

Fluffo panels can be cut to obtain a desired dimension. The cut will reveal the white structure of the foam, that is why we cut panels only in the case when the cut edge will not be visible i.e. when it will be adjacent to the ceiling or a perpendicular wall. Fluffo Fix is a tested, odourless adhesive with high initial bonding and minimal shrinkage intended for Fluffo panel mounting.

The great advantage of this adhesive is the fact that it remains flexible up to 40 minutes, which allows the adjustment of the position and fit of the panels during the installation in order to obtain the perfect effect. Fluffo Fix contains a special penetrating agent, thus there is no need for special wall preparation before panel installation. Just make sure that the wall is relatively even and free of dust.


The Fluffo finish covering our panels is antistatic and does not attract dust. However, dust can settle on the panels  just like on any furniture. Horizontal surfaces sticking out beyond the line of the adjacent panels are particularly vulnerable. In order to remove dust, use a soft brush or a vacuum cleaner with a standard brush for upholstered furniture.

Lightweight stains can be removed with a soft sponge slightly moistened with diluted detergent. When cleaning please wipe the whole panel surface, so that you don’t leave rubbing traces in one spot. In extreme cases, when the stain penetrated into the panel and despite the cleaning is still visible, the dirty panel can be easily replaced with a new one.

Be sure not to over rub the panel surface with a wet sponge and avoid strong detergents, such as bleach or washing powder.


Colours available in the following ranges: EVO, MEDLEY, SPRINT, SYNERGY & XTREME (see colour swatch section below)

Blocks is an incredibly versatile family of acoustic wall and ceiling panels. Five classic shapes – square, rectangle, triangle, circle and semicircle – in various sizes and two thickness options offer endless configuration possibilities. With Blocks you can keep it calm and make a simple repeat pattern, or let your imagination free to create a complex piece of “art”.

Blocks panels are made of ultra absorbing melamine foam and a thin HDF board, and are upholstered in fabric of your choice. Blocks are light and easy to install on all walls and ceilings.
The Blocks range has been developed together with an experienced acoustics laboratory. It has been certified according to EN ISO 354 as class A absorber (55mm panels) and class C absorber (35mm panels), absorbing 100% and 75% of unwanted noise respectively.

Thickness [mm]


Colours available in the following ranges: EVO, MEDLEY, SPRINT, SYNERGY & XTREME (see colour swatch section below)


Cone is a great solution for sound absorption and sound attenuation with a designer’s touch. This acoustic screen is available in two forms: round and rectangle. Both shapes of the screen share the same type of wooden stand which will add character to any office, hotel or restaurant space.


Cone consists of two layers of Basotect melamine foam, which gives the panel its high sound absorption properties, and an MDF board in the middle responsible for blocking unwanted noise. Thanks to its construction, Cone is relatively light for its acoustic properties.
Cone cannot be mistaken for any other product thanks to the original design of its wooden stand. It is a great addition to any open-space office, reception hall, coffee area or any other space where you would like to combine style with great acoustic properties.

Print Personalized Acoustic Panel

Print is a wall acoustic panel with a personalized image printed on fabric. Now you can both improve acoustic comfort and decorate your conference room, canteen or reception hall with a printed image of your choice.


Print is made of a carefully selected melamine foam, which has outstanding sound absorbing properties. The foam is inserted into an aluminium profile and covered with an image of your choice, printed on a thin fabric. Print’s durable aluminium frame has been designed specifically for HUSH. It allows you to replace the fabric on the panel without taking it off the wall. Choose your image and size of our Print panel to decrease reverberation time in your room.

Thickness [mm]

53 mm


Colours available in the following ranges: EVO, MEDLEY, SPRINT, SYNERGY & XTREME (see colour swatch section below)


Puzzle is a range of acoustic wall panels inspired by the classic jig-saw shape. The design offers a series of five puzzle pieces. By combining these elements you can build infinite tableau structures or link random pieces in free style. Stylish, fun and reassuringly familiar.


The core of Puzzle panels is made of melamine foam, which has outstanding sound absorbing properties. Puzzle panels are thoroughly sewn and upholstered in fabric of your choice.
Puzzle panels are certified according to EN ISO 354 as class A sound absorbers, absorbing 100% of unwanted noise. They can be used on walls of reception halls, restaurants, canteens or any other spaces needing reduction of reverberation time.

Example configurations:

9 panels – 1800 x 1800mm
15 panels – 3000 x 1800mm
25 panels – 3000 x 3000mm

Thickness [mm]
55mm providing ultra high sound absorption (class A; αw = 1,00)


Colours available in the following ranges: EVO, SPRINT & SYNERGY (see colour swatch section below)


Tower is a highly effective free-standing acoustic absorber. Its acoustic properties allow you to reduce the number of other absorbers to achieve a balanced acoustic environment. Tower is extremely light and easy to rearrange. Its „grandness” is a perfect design addition to any conference room or open-space office.

Tower has a simple, yet ingenious construction.
It’s made from a specialistic melamine foam, upholstered in fabric of your choice. To enhance stability and protect from damage, it has a stand in lightweight aluminium.
Thanks to a very high accumulation of sound absorbing material, Tower has unprecedented sound absorbing results. It is certified as class A absorber. Use it on its own or combine it with HUSH wall or ceiling panels to create a pleasant acoustic environment in any room.



All colours are available in BLOCKS, CONE, PUZZLE & TOWER

Martindale: 150,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Weight: 300g/m2
Material: 100% polyester


All colours are available in BLOCKS, CONE & PUZZLE  

Martindale: 75,000
Fire Rating: BS5852 Crib 5
Weight: 364g/m2
Material: 100% Polyester


All colours are available in BLOCKS, CONE, PUZZLE & TOWER

Martindale: 170,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Weight: 328g/m2
Material: 100% Polyeste


All colours are available in BLOCKS, CONE, PUZZLE & TOWER

Martindale: 100,000
Fire Rating: EN1021 Parts 1&2
Weight: 400g/m2
Material: 95% Wool, 5% PA


All colours are available in BLOCKS, CONE & PUZZLE

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