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Open plan offices have long proved to be beneficial and an effective way of allocating space in the workplace. In addition to creating a warming atmosphere, it allows employees to work more efficiently. However, it can result in an excessive noise level which in turn can create distractions and a lack of privacy. Acoustic desk screens are an ideal solution that allows users to separate workstations without completely isolating themselves.

Hunt Office Interiors offer a comprehensive range of desk screens for any style and budget suiting variety of needs. Our desktop screen collection consists of broad variety of shapes, sizes, colours and materials. Wide choice of fabric and glazed partitions in different widths and heights that are suitable for most desk sizes and shapes. Desktop screens are now available in various contemporary styles to enhance or match any modern office space. Acoustic technology of our screens provide users with a choice of noise reduction. Our desk mounted office screens provide complete flexibility allowing employees to switch or change partitions easily.

Allow Hunt Office Interiors to effectively divide your office space with our beautifully designed acoustic desk screens. Whether you want to reduce the level of noise in a busy call centre or maximise the use of a small workspace, we are confident our selection of privacy panels will suit any requirements.

Glazed Panels Desk Screens

In today’s modern office environments, desktop screens have become a necessity for privacy and noise level reduction. Typically offices consist of number of desks whether bench system or standard seat layout. Increased number of people per office has resulted in heightened noise levels. Additionally, screens are ideal for preventing distractions of other workers.

Hunt Office Interiors offers a comprehensive range of glazed panel screens with beautiful designs. Our glazed screens can be transparent or opaque suitable for variety of office applications. Our complete range consists of various sizes, heights and colours. Glazed partitions look great in contemporary offices with smooth and shiny design.

Create a better working environment in your office with our versatile range of glazed desktop screens.

 Fabric Panels Desk Screens

Desktop screens are highly valued by any modern company in today’s busy office environments. As office space has seen an increase in number of people per room for collaborative work, etc., an excess sound level can interfere and cause an issue for workers. At Hunt Office Interiors, our broad range of panel screens can easily and effortlessly provide privacy and reduce noise.

Our collection of fabric panels is a great choice of desk dividers in variety of styles. Fabric panels are the most popular and economic choice of desk separation and are available in a broad selection of sizes, shapes and colours.

Fabric panels can be easily fitted with most types of desking and are suitable for any type of desk arrangements.

Desk screens not only provide functionality but also create aesthetic design and atmosphere.

Privacy Panels with Rails

While praised for their numerous benefits such a privacy and noise reduction – desktop screens can also easily hold your desk contents neatly and out of the way. Any modern workstation is cluttered with variety of devices and documents. Privacy screens with rails allow users to store variety of items of the rails creating a better working area.

Hunt Office Interiors offers a broad selection of screens that have incorporated rails for accessory storage. Fitted rails can be equipped with variety of desk items from filing and documents to monitor arms for ergonomic solutions.

All our privacy screens have immaculate design and acoustic performance and fit perfectly into any interior decor. Choose from a wide range of sizes, colours and materials to match your individual requirements.

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