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How good is the sound insulation of Framery products?

The sound insulation of our products is good enough that they can be placed next to workstations in the middle of an office and people working next to the pods will not be able to overhear discussions had inside them. We recommend that prospective customers step inside a Framery pod in order to assess whether our products’ sound insulation is sufficient to meet their needs.

We prefer not to give out the results of sound insulation measurements done to our products. At the moment, there isn’t a standardized test for measuring the sound insulation of small enclosed spaces like our products. As such, normal acoustical ratings don’t adequately convey the experience of using a Framery pod. However, we’re confident that the sound insulation of our products is the best in the product category.

Framery is also involved in creating an ISO standard for measuring the sound insulation level of phone/meeting pods and such spaces used in office environments.

What is the power consumption and what does it mean?

Power consumption is a constant value that is determined by the power usage of the pods’ internal components (electric unit, motion detector, light and fans).

Framery O

5 W while in use

  • LED light: 1,7 W

  • Fans in total: 3,1 W 0,8 W standby power consumption

  • Fans are working on 25 % of the maximum power

Framery Q

11,6 W while in use

  • LED light: 3 W

  • Fans in total: 8,6 W 2,1 W standby power consumption

  • Fans are working with 25 % of the maximum power

What are the input and output values?

Framery O

  • Input: 100–240 VAC, 6.0 A, 50–60 Hz

  • Output VAC (table socket): 100–240 VAC, 5.6 A, 50–60 Hz

  • Output USB (TUF) Charging: Maximum combined output of 5A at 5VDC (25W)

Framery Q

  • Input: 100–240 VAC, 6.0 A, 50–60 Hz

  • Output VAC (table socket): 100–240 VAC, 5.6 A, 50–60 Hz

  • Output USB (TUF) Charging: Maximum combined output of 5A at 5VDC (25W)

What are the electrical systems like?

Framery’s products can be plugged into a wall socket. The pods have their own power supplies that give 12 V DC to the lights and fans. The lights and fans are operated by a motion detector. Inside the pods, there are country-specific power outlets for charging mobile devices.

How long are the power cables?

In Q and O the power cords can be led out of the bottom corners of the pods and they are 5 m long (the cord length outside the pods is 4.5 m). In all products, the power cord can be led out from the ceiling as well.

What kind of power outlets are there?

Framery O

  • Pixel (1 power socket and a LAN cable lead-through if needed)

  • Pixel TUF (1 power socket and 2 charging USB sockets) with extra cost

Framery Q

  • Pluto (3 power sockets)

  • Pluto with 2 power sockets and 2 USB socket with extra cost

Manufacturer of the power outlets is OE Electrics.

What electrical components can be changed?

All electric components can be changed if there is a malfunction. Our electrical safety certificate in the USA and Canada demands that the electrical unit and the power outlet in both products are tested together at our factory. This means that if one of these components is replaced, they must both be replaced. All other components can be replaced separately. This applies only to pods in the USA and Canada. Everywhere else, the electrical unit and the power outlet can be replaced separately.

Do the pods cause any interference with wireless signals (WiFi etc.)?

We have found no evidence that our pods interfere with any regular wireless signals.

What are the technical specifications of the lights?

Framery O

  • LED spot in ceiling

  • Illuminance: On the table top surface, the illuminance measured in normal office environment is about 300 lx. Recommendations for office lighting vary between 300 lx and 500 lx.

  • Color temperature: 4200 K

  • Power consumption: 1,7 W

Framery Q

  • LED panel in ceiling

  • Illuminance: Measured in a normal office environment, the illuminance is over 300 lx on the table top surface. Recommendations for office lighting vary between 300 lx and 500 lx.

  • Color temperature: 4500 K

  • Power consumption: 3 W

What is the amount of air flow inside the pods?

Framery O

  • Total air flow is 21,5 l/s (77,4 m³/h)

Framery Q

  • Total air flow is 66 l/s (237,6 m³/h)(before the new ventilation grid air flow was 60,1 l/s)

Previously, we reported the amount of air flow to be significantly lower for both products. This was because the measurements were done using a method that is typically used for measuring air flow in much larger spaces. Currently, we use a method more suitable for our products along with more accurate measuring instruments.

How much noise do the fans make?

The fans do not significantly increase the noise level in a typical office setting. The fans are on top of the pods, so they are as far away as possible from people working around them. It is possible to minimize the noise the fans make by adjusting their speed, which in turn affects the air flow inside the pods. Also, placing the pods under a low ceiling or a ventilation pipe with a hard surface should be avoided because these structures may increase fan noise by reflecting sound.

Is there a way to adjust ventilation and lighting?

The ventilation and lighting can be adjusted using motion detector settings. There are settings for fan speed when the pods are in use, fan speed for continuous ventilation, and brightness of lights.

Is it possible to have Framery O with a right-handed door?

No, Framery O is only available with a left-handed door. Making the door right-handed would require significant changes to the pod’s structure.

Can the doors be made self-closing?

In cases where a door closer or a door stopper is needed for Framery O, we can offer spring hinges that are self-closing. The hinges are not included in our standard offering and are available only in white or black.

At the moment, there are no self-closing hinges for Framery Q. If Q’s door needs be self-closing, the booth can be installed in a slight angle, so gravity closes the door.

What are the dimensions of the products?

Here are all the dimensions for Framery O and here for Framery Q. The dimensions include the dimensions of the glass sections, in case this info is needed for decals.

How much space do the pods need?

Illustrated space requirements for Framery O can be found in the installation instructions. Instructions are available upon request.

Framery Q needs an area of 2450 (width) X 2100 (depth) X 2350 (height) mm. The dimensions include minimum recommended space for the air to circulate: 5 cm / 1.9″ on the sides and 15 cm / 5.9″ above the pod.

Technical specifications

How much do the pods weigh?

Framery O weighs 350 kg. Framery Q weighs 630 kg without furniture and around 700 kg on average with furniture.

What are the dimensions and weights of the shipping crates?

The dimensions of Framery O’s crate are 226 cm (width) X 71 cm (depth) X 116 cm (height). The crate (including pod) weighs 409 kg.

The dimensions of Framery Q’s crate are 230 cm (width) X 102 cm (depth) X 135 cm (height). The crate (including pod) weighs 760 kg. Furniture is delivered on a separate pallet that weighs 31–97 kg.

What about fire safety?

No flammable materials are used in Framery O or Q. The fire safety of all surface materials, upholstery and acoustics materials of our products is tested and classified by either national or international standards. The sheet metal exteriors and sound-control laminated glass are of such quality that they may halt heat and fire. Frames with laminated surfaces are IMO certified (French Maritime Authority). Acoustic foam we use meets B-s1, d0, EN 13501-1; acoustic felt EN 13501-1 and floor carpet Cfl-s1, EN 13501-1 requirements. Molded foam used in Tovi stool seat meets CA TB 117:2013 requirements. Fabric used in upholstery meets the performance requirements of BS EN 1021-1 and 1 021-2.

Do the pods need sprinklers?

Inspecta, an EU accredited inspection body, has stated that there is no need for installing sprinklers in Framery O or Q. The statement is based on the following facts:

  • Neither of the products significantly exceed the 1 m maximum dimension for covered spaces in all dimensions

  • The products do not contain any easily combustible materials and therefore do not increase the fire load of the surrounding space by hindering the operation of the sprinklers in it

  • The products can be considered movable furniture instead of building structures that sprinkler requirements are typically set for

Inspecta’s statement for Framery O and  Q are available upon request.

However, our products can be fitted with sprinklers if required because of local regulations. Framery does not provide sprinklers, install them or take responsibility for the installation. Instructions for sprinkler installation for Framery O (2015) and Q are available upon request.

Are the pods safe in case of an earthquake?

In Framery’s case, seismic requirements are typically related to our products’ ability to stay upright in case of an earthquake. If needed, the products can be fixed to the floor with anchor bolts using the leveling glide screw holes in the floor modules. Instructions are available upon request.

Are the products eco-efficient?

Yes. Our products are mainly made of birch plywood which, of course, is a renewable material. We use plywood that is produced either in Finland or neighboring countries and our suppliers are required to have FSC or PEFC certification.

A lot of our materials are recycled or recyclable as well. The acoustic foam and the interior felt we use in our products are up to 60–70 % recycled. Also, a significant part of all steel, aluminum and glass is recycled in their manufacturing processes.

Last but not least, our products are very energy-efficient. When the products are in use, the standard power consumption of Framery O is 4,82 W while Framery Q uses just under 12 W. So, ten Framery O’s use less energy than one 60 W light bulb.

How good is the indoor air quality?

The indoor air quality of our products was tested by an accredited testing laboratory, VTT Technical Research Centre of Finland, and was found to well within the limits of M1 emission classification. The test report is available upon request.

What kind of certificates do the products have?

Framery Quality Management System meets ISO 9001 requirements.

Framery’s products are CE marked.

EC directives relevant to Framery’s CE marking are:

  • Low Voltage Directive (LVD) 2006/95/EC

  • Electromagnetic Compatibility Directive (EMC) 2004/108/EC

  • Restriction of Hazardous Substances (RoHS) Directive 2011/65/EU

  • Ecodesign Directive 2009/125/EC

Also, the electrical safety of our products is tested and found to meet CB requirements by an accredited testing laboratory, SGS Finland, as indicated by the CB test certificate. Furthermore, our products are NRTL certified in the USA and Canada.

What's the lifespan and warranty of Framery's products?

Framery wear parts (including gas lifts, leveling glides, LED lighting, electric parts, hinges and locks) are warranted. Rigorous maintenance will extend the lifespan of a single pod unit substantially. Maintenance includes regular service calls for the unit (tightening screws, adjusting hinges, etc.) and replacement of wear parts.

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