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Folding Partitions & Operable Walls at

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Folding partition systems are ideal for making the best use of office space available. In situations where large areas used for conferences or meetings need to be divided into private spaces for a smaller groups of people, movable partitions are a great solution. Folding partitions are extremely versatile and very user friendly.

Hunt Office Interiors offer a range of folding partitions with optional acoustic performance which manages the level of sound to increase privacy. Our complete range includes panel systems in range of finishes, single glazed or double glazed and optional doors with panels.

You can view some recent wall partition projects here.

Folding partitions are a cost effective way of managing space with variety of configuration options suitable for even the most demanding requirements. Towering heights or irregular differences in ceilings and floors levels are no boundaries for our manually operated walls. Our partitioning systems are available in a broad range of colours and finishes helping you create a piece of moving art.ย 

Unsure whether folding partitions are suitable for your office layout and interior? Contact us today and our expert team will provide you with a professional advice and a design plan for your project.

Sliding partitioning is a great choice for effective space division with the utmost flexibility. Whether your require to temporarily create secluded space for meetings or create extra rooms out of a larger area, our wide range of sliding partitions will ensure you get the best use of the space available.

Hunt Office Interiors offers a versatile range of movable wall systems with specially developed steel and aluminium frames. The exterior panels make the walls extremely sturdy and provide excellent sound insulation. With specially developed floor and ceiling running gear you can open and close the wall with minimal effort. The panels have flexible rubber pads at the top and bottom enabling horizontal closing. Our glass and glazing range of sliding wall systems can be flexibly adapted to a wide range of customer requirements โ€“ whether as straight, angled of curved. Our high quality frames ensure safe and secure application.

Give your office space a makeover with our modern and contemporary sliding partitions. For a personalised solution we offer manifestation of your choice such as logo of your company added to the partition.

Contact Hunt Office Interiors and our professional team will provide you with an expert advice and a design layout for your project.

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