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Working From Home Guide

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Home Office Essentials

When working from home, employees health, safety and wellbeing matters. Ensure workstations/desks are fit for purpose so that you can work comfortably.

Making Calls Comfortably

For video conferencing and phone calls, headsets are the best option. Webcams can also be used for conferencing calls if needed. Cradling a phone between head and shoulder is not comfortable and can lead to musculoskeletal problems.

Headsets/headphones can also cancel out background noise and help users easily hear conversation between team members.

Printing and Sharing Documents

Compact, portable all-in-one printers are ideal for the home office environment. These can provide fast, high quality prints and wireless printing from a PC, tablet or smartphone.

Inkjet Printers and Laser Printers with scanning capability will enable users to digitally forward paperwork to customers or colleagues.

For security, encrypted flash and USB drives will help to protect digital files and documents.

A desk-side cross-cut or micro cut shredder can securely dispose of paperwork when it is no longer needed. This is essential under GDPR if paperwork includes personal data.

Chair & Desk Set-up

Working all day at a kitchen table or on a settee is unlikely to provide enough support for the lower back. Musculoskeletal problems caused over this time could lead to employees needing to take periods off work in the future.

The advantages of an adjustable standing desk are likely to be noticed immediately; the height of these active office desks can be varied allowing the user to switch from sitting to standing with ease. Ergonomists recommend we stand for 20% of our working day. There are many physical and mental advantages to working at a sit stand desk as opposed to a fixed height desk. You can view the full range of Sit-Stand Desks HERE

An adjustable office chair with good back support will help employees work in the right posture and avoid backache. See our full range of Office Chairs HERE

Working Ergonomically On Your Laptop

If people have taken laptops home to work on, they will need a separate keyboard, mouse and wrist rest to be able to work ergonomically with their arms in the best position. See our Computer Accessories bundle Kit HERE

Screen Height

Another aspect of safe desk work is sitting with our eyes level with the top of the monitor screen. Most people need a monitor stand or laptop riser to be able to do this.

Leg & Foot Support

If pressure is felt on the back of legs or your feet cannot rest on the floor, a footrest may be needed. An ergonomic footrest should move backwards and forwards and support the whole foot. Check out our Home Office Bundle Kit HERE

Stationery Supplies

Don’t forget all the desk accessories that people need to keep on top of conversations, and for taking notes and messages. Huntoffice have a wide range of Essential Office Supplies Bundles available. These include pens, notebooks, post it notes and a desk tidy to keep everything to hand.

Breaktime & Cleaning Supplies

To make your working environment comfortable and keep refreshed throughout the day, take regular breaks and ensure you have Coffee, tea not forgetting water and soft drinks, Snacks, biscuits and sweets will be a welcome companion to your choice of drink. Also have Hand Wash & Hand Sanitiser on hand and use frequently throughout the day.

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