Ergonomics Do's & Dont's
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For People Working From Home

While temporarily working from home - stay safe, comfortable & productive.

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Customising your own office area will save you time and increase comfort for your working day. If possible choose a quiet area with minimal distractions. Unorthodox work environments like kitchens & bedrooms can be transformed with a few simple necessities. Implementing ergonomics basics as listed here will help you make your work-from-home experience as comfortable as possible.

Although it might be tempting to use your living room sofa for work, this will cause numbness and aches in the long-run. Sitting vertically for long periods of time can cause physical discomfort making it hard to concentrate and maintain productivity. Find a suitable workstation & seating - read on for further details.

Height Adjustable Desks

Determining the correct desk height is not only about comfort. Desk height can factor in the increase of musculoskeletal disorders so getting this right from the start has numerous benefits. User heights and body types differ and the key is to make sure that your desk surface and keyboard are at elbow level when seated at your desk. Choosing the correct desk height will increase your productivity, energy level, and quality of work. If you need to work around your current desk height - footrests can be a valuable addition.

Consider buying a height-adjustable desk - Sit-Stand Adjustable office desks are becoming more and more popular throughout the workplace due to their advantages and benefits. The advantages of an using a height adjustable desk or converter are likely to be noticed immediately; the height of these office desks and desktop converters can be varied allowing the user to switch from sitting to standing with ease. Ergonomics recommend we stand for 20% of our working day. There are many physical and mental advantages to working at a sit stand desk as opposed to a fixed height desk.

To avoid lumbar discomfort, try not to hunch over your laptop/PC if you are working from home full-time. A few minutes at weekends will not leave any untold damage but working 8 hours daily without the correct laptop height/seating position will undoubtedly cause neck, back & shoulder strain. Laptop stands and external monitors including dual monitors are a great investment - these will help to keep your eye-line at the appropriate screen level when working.

The right type of seating is essential to prevent long-term posture issues and backache. Office chairs should meet all the required safety standards, both ergonomic in design and of orthopaedic quality. Ergonomically built seating adapts to the body of the user and their individual posture requirements. A wide choice of multi-function mechanisms are available that allows the user to create and lock their preferred seating position. This makes it an ideal solution for prolonged multipurpose use.

A good quality chair promotes correct posture for a long day at work, while also being an aesthetically pleasing addition to home/office. For optimal comfort, ergonomic features such as tension control, seat tilt and backrest angle adjustment are available. Chair back supports options are also available to enhance your current seating.

Desk Accessories

Keyboards, Mice, mouse mats and wrist rests play a crucial part in improving productivity and comfort. Quality accessories can really make a difference to your working day.


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